Ms. Hannah Wouters



Position: Music


Birthday: Aug. 17th


T-shirt Size: S


Favorite Candy or Snack: Hot Tamales, Bananas, Strawberries, RX Bars, 100 Grand Bars, Peach Cobbler


Favorite Drink or Sonic Drink: Chai Latte, Kombucha, Olipop


Favorite Color: Blue and Green 


Favorite Sport/Sport Team: Royals, Sporting KC


Favorite Hobby: Hiking, Camping, Running, Quilting


Favorite places for a $10 gift card? Chick-fil-A


Favorite Flower/Plant: Patchouli


Favorite Bath & Body Works scents: Rose Water and Ivy


Other: Air Wick air freshener refills


Supplies Wishlist: Pencils, dry erase markers, plastic paper sleeves, tissues, musical children's books, instruments


Updated on 12/06/2022