Mrs. Kim McIntyre



Position: 2nd Grade Teacher


Birthday: Feb 5


T-shirt Size: S


Food Allergies: None


Favorite Candy or Snack: Gummy bears, dark chocolate, pretzels, ice cream


Favorite Drink or Sonic Drink: Unsweetened tea with lemon, unsweetened Mango tea, unsweetened peach tea


Favorite Color: Sky blue, pink


Favorite Sport/Sport Team: Sporting KC


Favorite Hobby: Puzzles


Favorite places for a $10 gift card? Chic Fil A


Favorite Flower/Plant: Gerber Daisies


Favorite Bath & Body Works scents: Fruity, pumpkin, coconut


Supply Wishes: Flare pens, smelly stickers, cardstock, or sticky notes


Updated on 12/06/22



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