Mrs. Janessa Generally


Position: Transitional Kindergarten Teacher


Birthday: November 17th


T-shirt Size: L


Food Allergies: None


Favorite Candy or Snack: Chocolate, Caramel M&M's, Popcorn, Salt & Vinegar Chips


Favorite Drink or Sonic Drink: Iced Caramel Latte or Dr. Pepper


Favorite Color: Blue


Favorite Sport/Sport Team: KU Basketball and Chiefs


Favorite Hobby: crafting, baking and reading


Favorite Flower/Plant: Tulips


Favorite places for a $10 gift card? Coffee, Hobby Lobby, Culver's


School supply wishes: picture books, markers, stickers, playdough, flair pens, colored paper, glue sticks, post it notes



Updated on 12/06/2022

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