(Cancelled) Fun Run


Volunteer to help with Fun Run Nov. 16th. Volunteers will help mark laps as students run by. 

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Run Schedule 

9:00-9:45      5th Grade

9:50-10:35     4th Grade

10:40-11:25    3rd Grade and Pre-k


12:50-1:35     1st Grade

1:40-2:25       Kindergarten and T-K

2:30-3:15       2nd Grade


All volunteers must have a new volunteer background check form on file with the DYE office each school year. Your volunteer background check form MUST be on file already or submitted to the office no later than Nov 13th to volunteer for this event. The office will not allow anyone to volunteer that does not have this form submitted by the date above.  


If you haven't completed a background check form for the school year, you can ask the school to send a form home with your student, pick one up at the office, or go to the link below to print it. Return this form to the DYE office, send it to school with your child, or email it to erose@bssd.net. 


Any questions about volunteer background check forms or the status of your form should be directed to the office. 

Background Check Form Here

Thursday, November 16, 2023 9:00am